COCONUT WATER:  Natures Original Energy Drink!

As an athlete and marathon runner, I am always looking for the best  supplements and sources of natural nutrients I can possibly find.  In the summer of 2010, my business partner and I ran the Minneapolis Marathon, and after a few long runs in the heat, she introduced me to the amazing benefits of coconut water.  As two ladies who care a LOT about what we put on and in our bodies, as well as work in the health & wellness arena promoting great benefits of using top notch products, this is one you cannot go without.  Other energy drinks or sports drinks you would normally drink after exercise or competition as often loaded with unnecessary sugars, as well as lack important sources of Electrolytes.  Although, there are many great brands on the market, I currently am digging the different flavors from ZICO.  My favorites are Pomberry and Lima Citron.

Most importantly, though are the benefits that we can get from coconut water

*Fantastic Source of Potassium which can help to regulate blood pressure and the function of your heart

*It naturally rehydrates your body with electrolytes–much FASTER than water

*It’s all natural, so no fat, no cholesterol, and no sugars added a

…it’s an added bonus that ZICO is committed to bringing it’s product to market in a socially, environmentally responsible and sustainable way.  Thank You!