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A few of my own personal inspirations!

I like to take pictures of my food as it’s being created!

I have always had a very interesting relationship with food.  I love it, yet hated how much of it made me feel. I spent over 20 years of my life feeling sick after I ate and thinking that was normal.  At the beginning of 2010, I did a total body detox and elimination diet that OPENED my eyes to the world of food intolerance and the fact that I could feel so alive and clear headed SIMPLY by making a few small changes in my diet.

Discovering that you can’t tolerate certain kinds of food can be tough and frustrating at first, however I actually find it kind of fun now, being able to get creative when it comes to mixing up crazy things in the kitchen.  Now, I was taught from an early age to follow the recipe to a “T,” however even though I am a perfectionist I NEVER wanted to  do it!  I realize it is important in some recipes, but as I have become more confident in my cooking skills and tastes, I have learned that I can adapt almost anything to fit my needs.

As I am an avid marathon runner and athlete, I also have some pretty aggressive goals when it comes to staying fit and in peak shape and performance.  Currently, I am on a no-meat, gluten-free, almost all dairy-free diet. (I still eat cheese occasionally, however I hope to move away more as I learn more about my body)  Sometimes it can be tough to accommodate all those situations, however I do find the enjoyment in a good challenge!  I follow a lot of vegetarian athletes, and some gluten free bloggers and take a lot of my recipes from them and adapt them.  I will post links to a few of my favorite sites and also some of my own recipes that I have really perfected.  As I have made the commitment to a holistic approach to my life and business…a big factor in that being my DIET so alas, I have been really proactive about making meals that serve and nurture my body.  Enjoy!  Please share any of your favorites as well!

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