Lindsey Simplified


Hey-o! My name is Lindsey Tibesar + I am pumped that you have stopped by!

I am a Passionate Entrepreneur, Visionary Dreamer, Marketer & Blogger, Health & Wellness Addict, Recovering Perfectionist and Coach’s Wife! I find purpose and meaning in sharing life’s adventures, trials, tribulations, and joys with the world.  A girl with a passion for list making and idea generation, I carry a notebook with me at times!  Most importantly, I am inspired each and every day to be the best version of myself and coach others in all walks of life to be the greatest version of themselves.

As a Brand Enhancement + Partnership Specialist, my passion is to guide and help bring innovative brands and services into the hands of people who need and deserve them the most.  I commit 110% to anything and everything that I put my energy into, and I seek to work and surround myself with those who are here to change the world and understand the importance of raising consciousness as part of their overall mission.

This blog is a place for you to enjoy valuable content and inspiration on a daily basis.

{My Story}

Two and 1/2  years ago, I was laid off from the J-O-B that I thought was my “ticket” to building a life and lifestyle of financial freedom.  It was a unique start-up with a CEO that had much success in building multi-million dollar businesses, and their vision was incredible.  I came in as the second member of the team, and was promised the world based on my upfront investment of pure sweat equity.

Well, those dreams I had quickly vanished as I worked long hours, took on every new role we needed to keep moving forward, with no increase in pay or advancement.  (By the way, at the time I took a huge pay cut from my previous job in non-profits (which isn’t saying much.)  Two years passed and there was no light at the end of the tunnel.  Then, I was blindsided by the lay-off.  Although upset and frustrated, it became the biggest blessing in my life.  It allowed me for the first time to STAND UP and take responsibility for my own life.  I now know that no one else is responsible for my life and where I am other than myself.

{My Mission + Point of View}

A recovering “Perfectionist” I am on a robust mission to help others find joy through a SIMPLE holistic approach to business +  life.  Through identifying my unique Point of View, my skills and talents allow me to help other business owners + entrepreneurs enhance and develop their creative passions that allow them to live a Life by Design!

So what’s my Point of View you ask?

  1. I work with entrepreneurs who have an established brand.  They’ve cut through the crap and mental clutter of what held them back in the past and have a clear focus of where they are going.  My clients are looking for a partner to take their business and brand to the next level.  I commit my time to entrepreneurs that believe in themselves, their product or service and in the greatness that they bring to the world.
  2. I am clear about working with people who are true hustlers and ROCK STARS in their industry and they have been diligent about taking the time to identify and define their target market.  My skills and value to my clients is best utilized when my client can already articulate whom they serve and how what they do directly benefits their target market.
  3. Lastly, I believe that “Marketing” as usual is dull, boring and limiting.  I make a point to be a good marketer that has a true entrepreneurial mind.  I am inspired to do what works for my clients, know what works and what doesn’t work in the Internet marketing space, as well as be open to creating new and innovative approaches to old ways of marketing.

{Live Well}

For the past 4 years I have been fortunate enough to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world. I’ve invested more hours of time than I can even track and thousands of dollars of hard earned money to be coached and mentored by some of the finest and most elite internet marketers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs around today.  Through my persistent willingness to dig deeper and find my true purpose in this world, I have found that I truly have a passion for helping and serving people.  I LOVE being able to show others how to create true abundance in life, and most importantly I value the process of how one gets to that point.  I am a firm believer that in order to be great in and for this world, we must LIVE WELL and create BALANCE.  Continuous education, intense commitment to personal growth and development, as well as a relationship with whole food and clean eating has transformed my life tremendously.  I finally see  this discovery of holistic well-being and life transformation as a way to live out my purpose in this world of helping others be the greatest version of themselves through growth in their own lives as well as within their businesses.

{Life By Design}

I have been a leader all my life and thrive on providing top notch coaching and mentoring to those who desire the most out of their life.  For as long as I can remember I have had some incredible dreams for my life…it wasn’t until I fully realized that I had all the power and gifts inside me to make all my dreams come true did I fully understand and respect the beautiful ability to create a Life by Design.  Life by Design allows you to make the rules, to dictate your schedule, and choose each and every day the things to do that celebrate who you are and fulfill you most. Its time we start living!  Too often I see friends, family and new people I meet out and about struggling to find the simple joys in life.  There is a better, simpler way and through this blog and my own journey, I hope to share that with you.

Let’s get connected…

I love sharing my dreams and passions with others, and I love even more to hear about the dreams and passions of others.  Drop me a note to say hello, or join me on my social networks to start sharing ideas and learn great daily tips and techniques on living with purpose, passion & playing full out, all while being on a simple holistic journey to well-being.