1. Clearing & Cutting-New Day, New Month, New Year!

    We all have times in our life or spaces in our living or working environments that carry the weight of clutter, energies and emotions that do not serve us.   Not only because we are approaching a new year, but also because everyone can benefit from a good “Clearing & Cutting” session every once in awhile, I bring you one of my favorite, most liberating exercises—at least one outside the gym that is!

    Think about the weight that is lifted off your shoulders when you clean up a stack of papers that’s been sitting on the edge of your desk?  Remember back to when you allowed yourself to let go of a past mistake or forgave someone for a past hurt or resentment that you’ve been holding on to.  Think about it….no, I mean really think about it.  Now breathe….doesn’t that feel awesome?

    Never forget how awesome that feels and remember the power in doing that, not just at the turn of a new year, but each and every day, week, or month that passes if possible.  A wise mentor of mine told me, “serving is the top of everything we do.  In that, we need to serve ourselves so we can do more, to be here longer, to help more people.”

    Wow, have you ever thought about clearing and cutting in your life having that kind of benefit?  How profound that not only can we help ourselves and learn to harness more action, creativity and focus by getting rid of unwanted junk that clouds our minds and our environments, but we can also help and serve more people when our lives are free of the barriers and blockages that hold us back from our greatness.

    Now, go out and start CLEARING & CUTTING!  Yes, it’s almost a new year, but most importantly it’s the start of another day and there are people that need to experience my greatness a lot more than the stack of boxes sitting by the door that need to be taken to the trash!

  2. Sleep. It’s Your Friend.

    I enjoy sleep.  That’s doesn’t mean I always get enough of it, or sleep during the right times, but I do enjoy sleep.  Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to sleep, as it would give me quite a few more hours of day to get things accomplished, however throughout my holistic journey to better health and optimal performance in life, I have found some interesting facts concerning sleep.

    Most notably, one of my favorite genius entrepreneurs, leaders and digital marketing gurus of our time, Tim Ferris is leading the charge with his new, perhaps controversial, (but oh so inciting to me) book, The 4-Hour Body.  I just can’t wait to get my hands on the full version of this book, but during the pre-launch, Tim did a great job of showing us some of the inner workings of the experiment he did for the 4-Hour Body book, and one of those key components revolved around sleep.

    Check out these astounding facts concerning sleep. ZZZZZZZZ’sss

    I also highly recommend you check out the new book that just hit bookshelves, Tim Ferris’ “4-Hour Body.” He’s talking super human stuff here with great info on sleep, and I sure as heck know anything that teaches how I can do to become better, faster, stronger….you bet I am reading and studying it.  The reviews are interesting, but most importantly you should buy it for yourself to better understand the powers of the human body.

    The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman

    Browse around on the Amazon reviews, see what people are saying.  Sleep really is awesome, huh?  Stay tuned for more on sleep and the 4-Hour Body.  As we roll into 2011, I will be conducting my own experiments, reviews and certainly implementing some key pieces from the 4-Hour Body.  You know me, or maybe by now you should that I am always looking to stay on top of the current trends in holistic well-being, health and fitness.  I gotta tell you, Tim made a big name for himself with The 4-Hour Workweek.  The 4-Hour Body will be no different.  Just take a look at what people are saying about the book already…maybe after you get some sleep though!

  3. Quantum Healing, Success Energizer & Oh What a Detox…

    Have you ever experienced something that was so out of body, beyond what your mind could ever imagine that you simply were just in awe of the overall outcome?  Ok, well maybe you haven’t…I’ll be honest, neither had I until a couple weeks ago.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than the fact that I was certain I knew I was open to any experience that would heighten my awareness, bring clarity around my life purpose and goals, as well as open doors to opportunities that I had never before imagined were possible.  The result of what I got was magnified ten-fold.

    Let me introduce you to my good friend, Mas Sajady.  Quantum Healer and Success Energizer.  This man is genius.  He is one of the most down-to-earth, genuine, compassionate and loving human beings I have ever met.  How do I know this…just spend a few minutes with him and you can’t help but feel the same way.  He has the most unique ability to unlock your true potential, help you live through your true “transparent self-image,” and most importantly remove key blockages that are hindering you from achieving true abundance and success in your life.

    I’ll be frank.  I have NEVER been to a medical or intuitive healer before meeting Mas.  I never even knew they existed.  However, when you become intentional about finding ways to heal yourself no matter what issue or problem stands in your way, you attract the most beautiful solutions to you…that is what happened with me, and thus I met Mas and his amazing ability to transform lives.

    Take a peak at the super-charged (meaning I totally sped up this video of our session…34 minutes condensed down to 3 and a half) video of my first session with Mas.  Although the sounds you hear may remind you of the Chipmunks Christmas album, what I feel warrants your attention is the emotion and movement my body experienced as a result of the vibrations and energies moving as a result of Mas’ power to heal.  Notice at about the 1:21 minute mark of the video…the static sound goes away…then comes back around 2:45 of the video.  I am not sure what to make of it other than the fact that there was some serious energy in that room.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Pretty incredible, huh?  I will without a DOUBT be seeing Mas again.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this experience, however I can tell you with sincere honesty and confidence that within less than 2 weeks, this one session with Mas has catapulted my success 10x!  I have been a struggling entrepreneur for over a year, and within a weeks time I have attracted more than 4 key opportunities that could prove to be the lifeblood of my entire business in 2011…and it is still December of 2010~!  My ability to attract people to me, to shine brightly as a leader has never been more clear than it has since my session with Mas.  Although I experienced 2 ½ days of intense detoxification after our session, I would do it over and over again, each and every month knowing the abundance and opportunities that manifest as a result.  Thank you, Mas for sharing your gift with the world.  True Abundance and Balance is chasing you because of your sincere willingness to serve.

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