1. From Debt to Riches…How to Cash In On You!

    Today is a SUPER exciting day!  My dear personal friend and business mentor, THE Katie Freiling is launching an incredible new course, “Cash In On You!”  This 7-week coaching intensive is a sheer “game changer” in the world of personal branding and cashing in on your core passions.  I don’t usually promote a lot of online courses or products, but this is way too good to not share.  I have had the personal pleasure of working 1-1 with Katie over the course of a number of months, and I have to say these opportunities to work with the best don’t come around all that often.  Despite the fact that I paid thousands of dollars to work with Katie in her private mentoring program, I have to say this is the next best thing!  Do NOT let this amazing opportunity pass you by.

    Have you ever had an idea that you just couldn’t get out of your mind?  Do you live each day knowing that you have a passion for something that you are not truly living out and profiting from?  Then this is ABSOLUTELY a program for you.  Think about what you do day in and day out and the things taht drive you, excite you to your core and wake you up in the middle of the night…these are the things that with a little mentoring, guidance and the tools to work on your “inner” game that you can start cashing in on today.

    Whether it is a passion for holistic well-being and fostering greatness in others that gets you going like it does me, or if you simply LOVE cars, you have the opportunity to cash in on your passions.  Watch Katie’s video here and begin to open your eyes and imagination to the possibilities!

    I’ll see you inside!

    Again, GO NOW…Cash In On You here.  Leave me a comment and let me know what your core passion(s) is/are.  I’d love to see you “Cash in on You!”

  2. Happy Earth Day-A Simple Way to Make a Difference Today!

    Happy Earth Day!  I know it shouldn’t be on days just like today that we celebrate our Mother Earth and all she has to offer us, however today is a special day-the same way that our own birthdays are a special day to celebrate.  I wanted to share with you a quick video I made, highlighting one SIMPLE thing that I have started doing to make this world a healthier, cleaner, and safer place.  It really is only one of the small, SIMPLE things I do on a day-to-day basis, but I am telling you as mankind, as a collective group of people on this planet we MUST start making changes and shifts in our lives to ensure that we have the good fortune of benefiting from everything that this world has to offer us.  Check out my quick video on what I am doing today and EVERYDAY to move towards change.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Thanks so much for stopping by!  Check out Glass Dharma for those awesome glass straws I was telling you about and help them spread their message by writing a letter to a local restaurant today!  I hope you enjoy this celebration of our beautiful earth and let me know in the comments below what you are doing today and EVERYDAY to make SIMPLE changes in your life and lifestyle to make this world a better place.  Talk soon!

  3. The Deadly Game of Comparison

    “Curiosity didn’t kill the Cat, COMPARISON did!”

    -Dr. Bertice Berry

    One of the most destructive habits we can have as human beings is the act of comparison.  I am as guilty of it just as much as the next person…maybe even more.  We are built on a culture of bigger, faster, stronger…more, better, NOW!   We compare our bodies, houses, the cars we drive, the money we make, the opportunities people get and the list could go on and on.

    One of the most profound things I have discovered in my journey and commitment to self-discovery and awareness is that at the end of the day when I realize that I have been comparing my success, the length of my journey in building a business, my struggles to perfect a training program for competition, or the the amount of money I am making to someone else, I create a WAVE of serious negative energy and emotions not only in myself, but also in the environments that surround me.

    Now, I know that I strive to rid my life of negative energy in so many ways and I for sure don’t want to be the cause of negative energy in the lives of others.  So, how do we get rid of it, or at least find productive ways to deal with it?

    I believe it starts with changing a few key things in your mind.

    1. Be Fully Present-When you make a concerted effort to not be distracted in the moment, be fully aware of your surroundings, ask questions and be genuinely interested in others and their success, you can start to transform your thoughts into positive energy that will serve you.

    2. Stop Judging-Most importantly stop judging yourself, but also be so self-aware of your mindset that you regain your power and DECIDE to transform what you are thinking or believing into new thoughts and emotions.

    3. Compare Yourself to Yourself-Take a step back and take notice of where you’ve come from.  Whether it be last week, last month or even last year…today you are a new, different and evolved person.  Congratulate yourself for being BETTER today than you were yesterday, because no matter what, you are a unique and special person that has gifts of greatness that no other person in this world has.  Have gratitude for the journey you are on, and be in love with the process.  When you focus on your transformation and the fact that you are better today than you were yesterday…you stop comparing yourself to others.

    There is a sense of real release and freedom in the decision to stop comparing.  When you compare yourself to others and the journey they are on, you not only rob yourself of your true greatness, but you also rob others of the joy that could bring to their lives…and for that matter to your own!

    Want some more strategies to help regain your power and live more simply and holistically?  GRAB my FREE 7-Day Video Series on the right-hand side of the blog and I’ll hop on over to your inbox right away with the first message.  Enjoy!

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